Climate change along the arid coast of northern Chile

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International Journal of Climatology 32 1803 1814 12


Long‐term precipitation records from the extremely arid northern coast of Chile (18°S–30°S) were analysed to assess changes occurring at different time scales. Results are presented here along with a discussion on changes in the temperature and cloudiness regimes in order to offer a more comprehensive overview of the climate evolution in this extremely arid region. Apart from a significant influence of ENSO on the rainfall regime, characterized by a tendency for more frequent rainfall events during El Niño episodes, changes at the decadal time scale were identified in association with the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO). Thus, the warm IPO‐phase is associated with increased precipitation, while the opposite occurs during the cold IPO‐phase. Changes occurring at the interannual and decadal time scales are superimposed on a long‐term precipitation decline during the 20th century. Apart from the intensified dryness, the temperature records show a positive long‐term trend resulting mainly from an abrupt warming in the mid‐1970s, principally associated with a marked upwards shift of the minimum daily temperature, coinciding with the change from the cold to the warm phase of the IPO. However, the period following this step‐like warming has been characterized by a persistent cooling trend, most evident in the maximum daily temperature, which is coherent with a negative trend in the sea surface temperature over a large oceanic region off the coast of northern Chile. In the northernmost region, this behaviour in the temperature regime was accompanied by a strong decrease in cloudiness since the 1970s. The negative trend in rainfall and the decrease in the total cloud cover are certainly important factors that could explain the coastal vegetation decline over the past decades in the coastal region north of 24°S. Copyright © 2011 Royal Meteorological Society

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