An instrumented station for the survey of ozone and climate change in the southern tropics

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Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2006 8 1020 1028 10


The assessment of changes induced by human activities on Earth atmospheric composition and thus on global climate requires a long-term and regular survey of the stratospheric and tropospheric atmospheric layers. The objective of this paper is to describe the atmospheric observations performed continuously at Reunion Island (55.5° east, 20.8° south) for 15 years. The various instruments contributing to the systematic observations are described as well as the measured parameters, the accuracy and the database. The LiDAR systems give profiles of temperature, aerosols and ozone in the troposphere and stratosphere, probes give profiles of temperature, ozone and relative humidity, radiometers and spectrometers give stratospheric and tropospheric integrated columns of a variety of atmospheric trace gases. Data are included in international networks, and used for satellite validation. Moreover, some scientific activities for which this station offers exceptional opportunities are highlighted, especially air mass exchanges nearby dynamical barriers: (1) On the vertical scale through the tropical tropopause layer (stratosphere–troposphere exchange). (2) On the quasi-horizontal scale across the southern subtropical barrier separating the tropical stratospheric reservoir from mid- and high latitudes.

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  • Kyoto
  • Saint Quentin
  • Montreal
  • Saint Denis
  • France
  • Hamamatsu
  • Lille
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  • University of Reunion Island
  • France Laboratoire
  • University of Saint Denis
  • Reunion University
  • South Africa and Madagascar
  • Geneva University
  • University of Saint-Denis
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin
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Dumont; Map; Pierre-Simon Laplace; M. Carleer; J. Leveau; M. De Maziere; B. Cadet; J. Jouzel; J. Porteneuve; G. Bergametti; Haute Provence; M. Van Roozendaelg; P. Goloub; F. Posny; F.D. Roosevelt; Paris Ce; Simon Laplace; F. Goutail; C. David; Denis Cedex; Marie Curie; L. Robertb; S. Baldy; G. Ancellet; T. Portafaix; J. P. Pommereau; B. Morel; J. M. Metzger; E. Due; Stephane Richard; La Re; P. Keckhut; Marion Dufresne; J. Environ; D. Faduilhe; L. Baray; Guy Bain; La Reunion
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